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1 On 1 Coaching Program

8 Live Classes/each 60 mins
You will get pre recorded class library to practice 

About the Package


  • A yoga mat

  • Enough room to practice  in a preferably quite place(Preferably is key here; I know it's tough when you're a mom or dad)

  • Any props you'd like to use or household items that can serve as props

  • Comfortable clothing anything would do, but make sure it's comfortable for your body and doesn't constrict movement.

  • Anything that will make you comfortable and will help you set the mood such as incense, candles, or an essential oil diffuser

  • An active Zoom (or Skype) account and installation

  • A reliable internet connection

  • A laptop or tablet with a webcam, mic, and working audio (While a cell phone could do the job, you'll be more comfortable using a bigger screen.)

  • Wireless headphones if you'd like to keep the noise down

  • A notebook and a pen to journal your heart out

Welcome to 1 on 1 Yoga classes with Zalak, where the spotlight is entirely on you. After six weeks, you'll experience a positive change in your strength, endurance and overall fitness. Whether your goal is to shed some pounds or boost your overall well-being, rest assured, I'm committed to helping you achieve your desired results. 

  • Benefits of 1-on-1 Online Yoga Classes (8 private classes/each 60 min)

Yoga has plenty of benefits (and I'm certain you already know that), but how about practicing it with private online yoga classes?​

  • Flexibility & Convenience

You can practice from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection. You also won't have to skip yoga because no one can watch your kids.

  • Less Stress & Hassle

No need to scroll through a bazillion of free videos for the right class, pick at random, or switch between classes because they didn't meet your expectations.​

  • Personalized Approach

Your yoga classes are specifically tailored for your needs and experience level. You'll receive instant feedback, answers to any questions, as well as verbal adjustments.

  • Consistency

Distractions and excuses can easily derail you from consistent practice. Consistency ensures that you keep progressing and working toward your goals.​

  • Professional Guidance

Practicing yoga on your own, you may not be aware of what's inhibiting your progress. You'll get guidance to learn poses and reach your yoga goals safer and faster.​

  • Accountability

Accountability is essential to success and personal growth. It can ensure that you remain consistent and keep working toward your goals even if things get tough.​

Class Schedule

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